IT Security Systems for Law Firms

Attorneys deal with many cases which entail sensitive data. Some lawyers handle personal affairs such as divorces while others handle cooperate cases. Regardless of the case, law firms are supposed to secure their customer's information and prevent any breach. Attorneys have in possession government data, personal data, oaths, and affidavits among other kinds of data that are highly valuable.


Due to the importance of the data held by attorneys, there are a lot of regulations that dictate how they should be secured. Among these laws include; PCI DSS and data privacy. Data held by law firms are attractive to cybercriminals. It is thus necessary for law firms to put in place measures to deal with data security. One of them being hiring IT service providers such as Triniti IT  to install data security systems.


Triniti IT provides data security as part of its service. Our solutions feature data encryption, flexible delivery options, and volumetric solutions among others. Installing our solutions ensures data security, smooth operation, and more importantly regulatory compliance.