Different industries have different regulations and standards and present different challenges and customer expectations. Triniti IT Security understands this and works with clients across a wide variety of industries to identify and address their security needs.


Accounting involves identifying, recording, interpreting, and communicating an organization’s financial information.


Attorneys deal with many cases which entail sensitive data. Some lawyers handle personal affairs such as divorces while others handle cooperate cases.


Non-profit organizations are mainly comprised of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). NGOs deal with a lot of donor funds which makes them an easy target for hackers.


Every organization is faced with different risks. The insurance industry allows you to transfer your risk to them while paying monthly insurance charges.


Sensitive AEC data including customer lists, intellectual property, proprietary processes, financial data and work product can face the risk 


Governments all over the world set up regulations and laws that are aimed at safeguarding the security of personal, strategic and sensitive data that they possess. 


Sensitive manufacturing data includes, among others, product cost information, customer data, intellectual property rights, operations information, and marketing strategy. 


IT Governance is an essential capability for the effective adoption and management of IT processes and assets such as operational procedures, information, etc


Banks have to keep all their data safe. This is because bank holds crucial details that not only affect the bank but also its clients and the economy at large.

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