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Data security is a highly sensitive matter as a result of the growing technology and the ever-constant risk of being hacked. For this reason, government institutions and other organizations have set out many regulations and laws that govern data security. These regulations directly affect all sectors from educational institutions, banking, finance, and the legal industry. These organizations must comply with these rules to prevent not only the breach of information but also government interference in their operations.


The primary challenge that organizations face is the number of regulations that come into play. Data security is governed by many rules which include; Data Breach Notification Laws, Data Residency and Sovereignty Compliance, PCI DSS, and HIPAA among many others. It becomes difficult for organizations to comply with all the regulations. Another challenge is the penalties enforced as a result of non-compliance. For example, the Australia Privacy Amendment Act 2017 Compliance calls for a penalty of up to US $1.3 million in case a company fails to notify the public that it has had severe interference with customer privacy.

Triniti IT Services systems offer a solution that guarantees compliance with all the regulations. We offer integrated compliance solutions and address the core principles of the different laws such as ensuring privacy, protecting cardholder data, and implementing strong access control measures. Our systems make sure that information security policies are implemented in all the organizations we work with. Data encryption ensures that for example the Data Breach Notification Laws are adhered to. By guaranteeing data security, our approach meets compliance requirements.

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