Business Continuity Planning

To ensure that a business continues to run even after a disaster has occurred, an efficient business continuity plan should be in place. Disasters are any natural or man-made incidents, such as fire, floods, or major IT failures that may disrupt or stop a business’s daily operations.

Our mission is to ensure the security and safety of employees and visitors, security and recovery of the physical assets of our client, and protection and recovery of Data and information of our client.

We offer business continuity planning services with the following objectives:
• Protection and safety of the employees and guests/visitors
• Protection and safety of physical assets and Information
• Ensure critical business processes and services continue running after a disaster.
• Provide means of mitigating risks and exposure before and during the disruption.
• Ensure that the business continues to meet the regulatory compliance even after a disruption.
Our Business Continuation Planning services include organizing, orienting, and evaluating how our client is prepared for disaster, their ability to collect critical information, and carry out recovery activities in event of a disaster. We align the available resources with the continuity plans. We ensure that the business can efficiently, easily, and fast get its IT infrastructure back up and running after a disruption.
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