Non-profit organizations are mainly comprised of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). NGOs deal with a lot of donor funds which make them an easy target for hackers.  These NGOs rely heavily on sensitive information that is stored on file servers and databases to operate. The data stored by these non-profit organization varies from organization to organization dependent on their mode of operation. However, all of them need to comply with the set regulations both at a national and international level. Also for better service provision data held by these organizations has to be secured.


Securing non-profit organizations data is in itself very difficult due to mostly compliance and trust concerns. NGOs data security is usually regulated by various laws such as FISMA, SOX, Data Privacy, PCI-DSS, and data residency. Another challenge is the multiple threats and effects of outdated systems. As a result of their large data portfolio, NGOs are also exposed to multiple vulnerabilities when it comes to data security.


Triniti IT helps to meet all these government regulations while still providing data security solutions which are appropriately suited for your organization.  The main benefits of our solutions are that we limit the access to crucial data, encryption and a monitoring and reporting system that increases accountability.