Information technology forms a massive part of any business. Practically almost every company relies on IT to carry out their tasks and meet their set out objectives. However, despite the many application of information technology, there are several security risks that come into play when dealing with IT. Some of them include information loss, cyber-attacks, cyberbullying among many others. For this reason, you need to have security frameworks that will enhance employee performance regarding IT security and also improve the safety of the firm as a whole. It is thus imperative that you ensure that every single employee and even you as an owner know how to defend themselves and the organization in case of an attack. This can be achieved through IT security awareness and training.

Trinit IT Security gives your organization the following types of training
• Classroom training
• Online training Using visual aids
• Phishing campaigns

Our experts train your employees on the following topics:
• Identifying and reporting Phishing attacks
• Physical security
• Wireless networks
• How to maintain Desktop security by locking the computer and disabling unrequired devices.
• Malware
• Enhance Password security by using complex and strong passwords.