Enhance security in your E-Commerce business

Payment fraud is continually increasing especially with the current rampant technological evolution. The effect of fraud is being felt by both small and large businesses. E-commerce businesses are the soft targets due to the lack of physical presence of the buyer. Current e-commerce fraud protection measures and strategies only detect a small percentage of the fraud incidences as fraudsters keep on evolving their strategies.
Current fraud solutions further lack flexibility and are not tailored towards a particular business’ needs, they further lack compatibility with current e-commerce technologies further creating more vulnerabilities.

Triniti IT Security E-commerce security services guarantee total security to online payment systems. Our fraud solutions are suitable for both small and large e-commerce retailers. On top of these, our services employ predictive models that study the client’s data and adapt to prevent and thwart current and future fraud incidences.

Employing our fraud solutions in your e-commerce business gives you the following benefits:

• Custom fraud solutions tailored for both web and mobile-based e-commerce systems. At Triniti IT Security our fraud solution systems are tailored for both e-commerce and m-commerce platforms fitted with artificial learning modules that facilitate fighting fraud.
• Help detect compromised accounts by analyzing customer location, login attempts, the browser being used, and suspicious devices.
• Reduce use of stolen credentials by use of dynamic authentication, behavior intelligence, and threat intelligence assists in detecting stolen credentials, and the cards are flagged as high risks.
• Minimize chargebacks and transaction fees through the use of identities to detect genuine customers and flag off suspicious customers.
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