Email Security Solutions

Email Security Solutions
Having a reliable secure email service should be a priority for any business. This is because the majority of attackers use emails to execute phishing and ransomware attacks. Increased use of emails to launch their attacks has been made possible due to the fact majority of employees do not have any knowledge on how to handle cybersecurity incidences.
As a result, organizations should invest in a reliable email security solution to guarantee the security of their employees and organizational resources.
Triniti-it-security is a market leader when it comes to providing email security solutions. Our solutions guarantee complete security to incoming and outgoing emails. The implemented technology has the capacity to identify and delete any phishing emails and malware. Our email security solutions guarantee the following benefits:
• Use of Artificial Intelligence-based technology to detect email scammers impersonating company executives.
• Our email solution has a database of known malware and thus is able to instantly detect any malware and prevent impending attacks.
• Optimal protection against spam.
• Encryption of emails to prevent snooping, eavesdropping, and interceptions.
• Centralized secure email solution eliminating the need to use other services providers.
• Protection against data leakage to guarantee information security.
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