Challenges Facing Data Security in the Retail Industry and the Solutions.

Retailers have grown to appreciate the need for data security. Due to changes and advancement in technology, new challenges have risen in the retail market that necessitate data security. As a retailer, having your important data stolen, hacked or lost threaten your returns.


Also, the data standards set by the different organization and the government increase credit card transactions in case of noncompliance. Some of these standards are dictated by regulations such as PCI DSS. Another challenge is how to secure data and also protection from insider threats.Triniti IT solutions are designed to help retailers protect their data by making it impossible or useless to any person who tries to breach it.


Some of our solutions include data encryption which makes your retail data unreadable to those who illegally acquire it. Other systems that Triniti It offers are security intelligence, data encryption, and user controls.  When you install our systems you will be guaranteed of data protection, better payment authentication methods and meeting set requirements.

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